I started my old book blog with a focus on paranormal and supernatural reads.  mainly because that was all I was reading at the time and it was kinda the fashion so you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a book that had a vampire/werewolf/zombie/angel/etc as part of the story and most likely the love interest.  I still love these stories but it’s like eating the same meal for your whole life; no matter how much you love it, it WILL get boring.
Over the last year or so I’ve been on a real contemporary YA kick and am desperate for more realistic stories with MCs I can believe in and most of all (and the theme of my post today) make me laugh.  There just aren’t enough funny stories out there in the big wide world.  Yes; I admit that i haven’t read all the books on the market and there’s probably a lot of funny books out there but I want more.  Nothing is better than a good story that makes me laugh and has a bit of heart to it.  Most of my top reads have been just like this and I’ve been on a bit of mission to champion a few…..some of you may have noticed a few shout outs on my twitter and blog.
So here are a few YA’s that have really hit my funny bone in the right fashion and why they’re a fab read in their own right.  Have a giggle if you please! I thought this would be a nice way to start the blog off 🙂


Adorkable by Sarah Manning
I feel in love with this tale mainly because the funny was in the relationship issues and problems.  It was the real life in the story that made me laugh.  From Jeane’s addiction to sugary sweets to her wonderfully ridiculous wardrobe choices.  Plus there were more than one occasion when I was laughing so much at just how much I was like tJeane with her twitter addiction.


Geekhood by Andy Robb


I’ve been harping on about this book since I read it because I was completely sold on the story and it reminded me so much of my youth and geeky ways that i couldn’t help but laugh at it.  It was funny and honest in the most brutal ways and let’s be honest; what isn’t funny about a boy trying to work up the courage to ask the girl of his dreams out and making a total idiot of himself.  Archie would be the male version of me in any life.


One Seriously Messed Up Week … by Tom Clempson


All I need to tell you is that the first word in this book is Nobache.  I was in tears of laughter the whole way and I’m DYING to read the sequel!


Big Woo by Susie Day


An underrated story that I found a real treat to read.  Funny mainly because it’s seeing the world through the eyes, ears and lol-speak of a teen blogger who likes to talk about her life woes online


Della says OMG by Keris Stainton


The love and laughter of a first crush turned romance and the wonderful writing style of Keris Stainton.  I love all of Keris’ books but this one made me laugh the most because it’s a simple idea (diary goes missing and the horror of being blackmailed with the entries being exposed) and yet it’s the way it’s told that made me laugh and love it.


Kiss, Date, Love, Hate by Luisa Plaja


This story is another underrated gem in my mind.  I was recommended by another blogger and couldn’t believe how much I loved it.  It was funny simply because the idea behind it was the kind of thing all teenagers would love to be true.  What if a computer game could control your appearance, sex appeal and personality? What would happen if you started to fiddle with the settings of you and your friends?  Plus there is a twist at the end I just didn’t see coming.


Rockoholic by C.J.Skuse


C.J.Skuse!!! She’s just fantastic.  I think this is one of the first books I feel in love with since I started blogging and again the premise is funny and full of potential comedy moments because who wouldn’t want to laugh at the idea of kidnapping a rock star with a Curly Wurly!


The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole: Aged 13 and 3/4 by Sue Townsend


One of the first YA’s I ever read even before the term YA was floating around.  It’s a classic teen coming of age and quite frankly; if you don’t laugh at Adrian’s pinning over Pandora and his moments alone with his ruler then you may quite possibly be dead.
How I started This Blog & Some Funny YA

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